Finally... A True System To Get Your Brand Seen & Heard!

Learn How To Rise Above The Noise & Use Your Story To Become The Go-To Thought Leader In Your Industry And Skyrocket Your Revenue

...while making a difference in the lives of thousands!

Let's take your brand from unknown to UNFORGETTABLE by adopting a voice of authority and an image of credibility.

I'm Ready To Get Booked To Speak!

Speak To Elevate

The EXACT path and process for TRANSFORMING the way people look at your brand and towards you becoming an impactful thought leader.

Public speaking is THE MOST POWERFUL way to get your brand & business seen and heard by your ideal audience while making a difference in the lives you serve!

Finally, after 10+ years I've discovered a system that actually produces long-term and ongoing results... and I want to share it with you because your story deserves to be told and your message is what will help set you apart to create a life of financial freedom and fulfillment.

Discover how to use public speaking to grow your following, skyrocket your revenue, and 10X your impact.


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Do any of these sound familiar?

🎤 You know your story has the power to change lives but you're struggling to find your authentic voice.

🎤 You are unclear how to craft your messaging to make it impactful and unforgettable while driving financial results.

🎤 You want to grow on social media without the overwhelm & unsure how to position your brand correctly.

🎤 You are pitching yourself to get booked to speak but rejection letters keep pouring in.

🎤 You struggle with some imposter syndrome and unsure if you have what it takes to speak on stages, platforms & in the press.

All of the above used to be true for me, until I finally learned the right strategy. Speak To Elevate will help rid you of all of the above through our proven 6-step process to getting you where you are meant to be.
Join Speak To Elevate Today & Become Our Next Success Story!
"I cannot recommend "Speak to Elevate" enough. What I loved about the course is that it includes everything. Not only will you discover what your personal story is, you will learn how to turn that story into an amazing speech. But it doesn't stop there. You will also learn how to use that amazing speech to scale your business. It's a win-win!"
-  Dianne Harper Boyer, Co-Founder of "The Harper Girls" Blog

You are only one speech away from…

⭐ Selling out your products and services

⭐ Changing someone's life and creating a ripple effect in the world

⭐ Landing your dream client

⭐ Getting paid to travel and stay in the nicest resorts

⭐ Securing a book deal with your dream publisher

⭐ Earning a new revenue stream that's making you more money you could ever dream... as a SPEAKER

⭐ Building a mass movement of people whose lives you positively affect

I believe in the power of one. That it only takes one person, one decision, or one action step that can possibly change your life forever, for the better, but it is YOU who must discover that one. 

The one decision to invest in this program may be it. The one action step from what you learn in this program may be it. The one speech you give after you learn how to get booked may be it because it just may introduce you to that one person that will change your life forever... 

One speech has the power to result in all of this and more.
I know because it's happened for me. 

One speech introduced me to a person for the opportunity to start WEX. One speech landed me a publishing deal for Adaptable. One speech increased my credibility to get paid more as a speaker in one hour than I ever made working before.

One speech created a movement of women who choose to collaborate versus compete. 

All of this is possible for you and through Speak to Elevate I'm going to show you exactly how it works and exactly what to do so you can discover this possibility of one for you and your dreams too.


Your Voice Is Your Greatest Resource And It's Time To Use It To Transform Your Life And Business So You Can Enjoy A Life Of Freedom And Fulfillment

 We'll show you exactly how to achieve this growth simply by sharing what you already have: Your Story & Mission.
You don't need more followers, more achievements, or more money.
You just need the right strategy, powerful messaging crafted for different platforms, and an unforgettable performance. 
You are already speaking on social, to your audience, and customers daily, why not build a skill that will propel that growth and create momentum for ongoing results and return on your investment for the lifetime of your career?

By the end of the program, you'll... 

✍️ Have your signature talks 

Stop stressing over coming up with your talk topics or what to say. We will help you craft an entertaining, educational & inspiring talk around your core brand & audience so you have what you need to speak anywhere at anytime. 

🙋‍♀️ Speak With Confidence & Conviction 

What makes Gary Vee, Sara Blakely, Elon Musk, & Brene Brown different from everyone else in their industry? They use their voice, story & passion to grow their business & brand. By the end of Speak to Elevate you'll be speaking with more confidence & conviction than ever before.

💸 Get Paid What You're Worth

Put an end to speaking for free. We will show you how to make money every time you speak, even if you are technically speaking for "free". You'll receive a formula to help you effectively charge what you're worth & see massive ROI.

💰 Sell Without Sleaze

There are people out there who need what you have to offer! We'll teach you how to sell from the stage in the most authentic and impactful way. 

🌟Craft A Brand That Gets You Booked

Your pitch to get booked on stages & platforms doesn't start in the email or the application, it starts with your online brand. By the end of this program you'll have a brand positioned as a thought leader in your industry that actually works for you to get you booked to speak! (And of course a killer pitch we will help you write!) 

🎤 Become An Unforgettable Speaker

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, have spoken countless times before or just getting started; we will show you what makes an unforgettable speaker so by the end, you'll nail every performance to create ongoing results in your biz & brand. (Not to mention rave-worthy testimonials!)


See Why So Many Entrepreneurs are RAVING About This Training


"I've taken classes before, but this one really resonated with me!"

"All the tools you gave us, Alexa, is off the charts in my world!"


"Speak to Elevate taught me: I can be a speaker and I do have a story!"

"Getting very clear on my X Factor story was a big deal!"


The core course materials, including real-life examples, workbooks, swipe templates and resource guides are inside our online student portal.
✔️ 8 Week Public Speaking Master Training ($5,000 Value)
✔️ 4 live coaching Q&A sessions with Alexa ($10,000 Value)
✔️ Templates for: Email Pitch, Email To Event, Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee Negotiation, Speaker Contract ($499 Value)
✔️ Virtual speaking tech kit, speaker tracking spreadsheet, speech transition e-book ($499 Value)
BONUS: Sample Media Kits (Canva templates) ($299 Value)
BONUS: Speaker Fee Decision Buddy ($299 Value)
BONUS: Surprise bonuses during the course ($1,000 Value)
BONUS: Define Your Niche & Target Market Workshop ($499 Value)
BONUS: Basics of Branding Workshop ($499 Value)

✔️ Lifetime Access - Priceless

TOTAL VALUE = $18,594

Get In TODAY For Only $997!


Speak to Elevate consists of six modules that make up your core speaker training. Each training component is designed intentionally and builds upon one another so that you can get booked to speak and use speaking to scale your business and brand. 


Module 1: The Mindset of Speaking

Master the mindset of public speaking to create unstoppable growth.

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 Developing the skill of confidence

🎤 Shifting your perception of fear 

🎤 How to let your authentic self shine through on camera & on stages

🎤 The money mindset that will give you reason & confidence when it comes to negotiation

🎤 How to determine your north star for speaking & why that matters for your business

🎤 The 7 characteristics of great speakers

Module 2: Crafting A Captivating Talk

This is where we get clear on your message and mission, develop your X-Factor Story & create your awe-inspiring signature talks.

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 How to develop your X-Factor Story (which becomes your foundation for your messaging for everything!)

🎤 The 'Sticky Sandwich' Formula™ to connect your stories to your business/ speech goals

🎤 The P.S. Formula™ to increase leads, sales & new customers from your signature talks

🎤 The Thrive On Five™ Method to craft your talk for different platforms

🎤 How to actually write your speech through a guided broken down formula (without ever having to write a full speech)

🎤 The major do's and don'ts of a captivating talk

Module 3: Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

In this module you’ll intentionally be up-leveling your brand so every time you post something online, it’s doing the work for you to get your brand seen and message heard.

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 How to position yourself as a thought leader & why that makes all the difference

🎤 How to develop your online brand to increase your credibility & visibility

🎤 The components needed to develop your personal brand website to increase your bookings & leads

🎤 How to develop your speaker marketing materials with done-for-you templates

Module 4: Let's Get You Booked!

Learn how to get & stay booked becoming an in-demand thought leader in your industry. (It requires much more than an email pitch and we provide the step-by-step guide!)

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 How to craft a compelling pitch to stand out from the crowd

🎤 How to find & track speaking gigs for your specific industry

🎤 Top tips, tricks & hacks of pitching (that so many get wrong!)

🎤 How to negotiate your speaker fee

🎤 When you should & shouldn't speak for free & how to get an ROI every time

Module 5: Creating An Unforgettable Performance

You have the talk, the branding, and now are booked for a gig, next step is landing that performance!

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 How to practice your speech in a way that suits your personality

🎤 How to create a captivating slideshow that adds value

🎤 The exact steps you need to take from booking the gig to stage time

🎤 The Harmony Call checklist

🎤 How to work through the fear & what to do if you happen to mess up 

🎤 How to speak effectively on panels & on virtual platforms

Module 6: Scaling Through Speaking

The goal is to not exchange dollars for hours, that’s why in this final module you’ll learn how to take one gig and have it produce ongoing results for you to scale.

In this module you'll learn:

🎤 How to capture amazing testimonials that double as social proof

🎤 How to turn your audience into loyal lifelong fans of your brand

🎤 How to generate leads from each gig

🎤 Market positioning for your personal brand

🎤 How to sell from the stage without being salesy 


PLUS! Special Bonuses & Resources!

⭐Email Templates For: Cold Email Pitch, Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee negotiation

⭐Sample speaker contract

⭐Speaker One-Sheet Downloadable Template

⭐Speaker Tracking Downloadable Template

⭐The Speaker Toolkit

⭐Tech tools for virtual gigs

⭐Lead Generation Training

⭐Define your niche & target market Training

⭐Crafting your elevator pitch Training


Take A Behind the Scenes Look Inside Speak To Elevate!

"Speak to Elevate is a soup to nuts, extremely comprehensive and interesting course on becoming a speaker. I’ve always received feedback that I’m an excellent speaker and still, I needed help elevating my game from speaking in the corporate world to speaking on much larger platforms delivering messages people need to hear. Alexa shared everything she has learned in her personal and professional journey in a way that kept me interested, motivated and excited. I highly recommend this course and I am very grateful to Alexa for opening up her entire bag of tricks to share!!"

- Cathi Marcus, Certified Authentic Life & Career Coach

 From mastering this program you can see results such as... 

⭐ Increase in paid speaking opportunities

⭐ Increase in quality targeted leads

⭐ More engaged, loyal followers

⭐Higher conversion from social to sales 

⭐ More invitations to be featured in the press 

⭐ Confidence to speak anytime any place

⭐ Booked speaking gigs at top events

⭐ Increase in ROI every time you speak


Choose The Speak to Elevate Plan That's Right For You


four payments

✔️ 8 Week Public Speaking Master Training - Value $5,000

✔️ 4 live coaching Q&A sessions with Alexa - Value $10,000

✔️ Templates for: Email Pitch, Initial Cold Email To Organizer, Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee Negotiation, Speaker Contract - Value $499

✔️ Virtual speaking tech kit, speaker tracking spreadsheet, speech transition e-book - Value $499

✔️ Sample Media Kits (Canva plug & play templates) - Value $299

✔️ Speaker Fee Decision Buddy - Value $299

✔️ Surprise bonuses during the course - Value $1,000

✔️ Lifetime Access - Priceless

⭐️ Define Your Niche & Target Market Workshop - Value $499

⭐️ Basics of Branding Workshop - Value $499



one-time payment

✔️ 8 Week Public Speaking Master Training - Value $5,000

✔️ 4 live coaching Q&A sessions with Alexa - Value $10,000

✔️ Templates for: Email Pitch, Initial Cold Email To Event, Testimonial Request, Speaker Fee Negotiation, Speaker Contract - Value $499

✔️ Virtual speaking tech kit, speaker tracking spreadsheet, speech transition e-book - Value $499

✔️ Sample Media Kits (Canva plug & play templates) - Value $299

✔️ Speaker Fee Decision Buddy - Value $299

✔️ Surprise bonuses during the course - Value $1,000

✔️ Lifetime Access - Priceless

⭐️ Define Your Niche & Target Market Workshop - Value $499

⭐️ Basics of Branding Workshop - Value $499


Test-drive the program for 30 days

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason… and I mean ANY reason… if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made, simply email us and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked!

Student Success Stories


"She helped me get my first paid gig... and they booked me again!"

"I find myself looking back at modules as I'm looking to get booked!"


Hi, I’m Alexa! 

I’m a best-selling author, professional speaker, influencer for Global 500 brands, and Founder & CEO of Women Empower X.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 13 years and through this journey have discovered the one differentiating factor that helped me rise above the noise, grow my business, position myself as a thought-leader, and cultivate a loyal community of hundreds of thousands around the world, and that is… Public speaking.

Along this journey I’ve had the privilege of speaking in front of thousands of people on hundreds of in-person and virtual stages around the world. I’ve booked out some of the top convention centers in the country attracting 3,000+ women in attendance at my events.

 I’ve secured 6-figure deals with Global 500 brands to produce content for them on my own channels. 

I landed a traditional book deal after a speaking gig that led me to getting my dream book published and in stores everywhere books are sold! (Along with hitting best new release on Barnes & Noble and Bestseller in the top Women & Business category on Amazon) 

 I’ve been featured on the cover of magazines, written up on national digital outlets, and interviewed on hundreds of television stations, radio shows and podcasts.

I’ve built a business that allows me the freedom to work where I want, when I want and with whom I want... While making more money and a lot more impact than I ever did working a 9 to 5 corporate job.

I’ve built a business that allows me the freedom to work where I want, when I want and with whom I want... While making more money and a lot more impact than I ever did working a 9 to 5 corporate job.

I’m sharing this because all of this is possible for you. 

I didn't get where I am today by accident. I've been working towards this dream for over a decade! In the last 13 years, I've learned so many lessons, tools, and strategies that I wish I knew early on that would have saved me THOUSANDS of HOURS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

That's why I created this program because I want you to start growing your dreams using the MOST POWERFUL MARKETING VEHICLE THERE IS… YOUR VOICE! 

I want you to start speaking, confidently and authentically TODAY! (...And you can!)

When I first got started, I waited almost a year as the rejection letters flowed in. Once I changed my strategy, mindset, and began thinking outside of the box of how to get in front of people, my business, brand, and career skyrocketed.

And now it’s time for you to do the same. Your message deserves to be heard by the masses. 

You deserve to achieve your grandest dreams and I have every faith that by you speaking and sharing your story, you’ll achieve far greater impact and income than you would any other way. 
And I'm ready to show you exactly how to make it happen!



Try Speak to Elevate for 30 days with our:


Speak to Elevate comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your business and life are forever transformed by the skills you develop through this training. We also expect you to give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the coursework. If you do the full coursework and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, submit your work within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll promptly refund your course fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Heck no! I don't ever memorize my speeches! In this course, I don't teach "one-way or the highway" because I understand every single person is unique in their own talents and in their own way of learning. I have created a strategy on how to practice and perform as a public speaker that anyone can customize to meet their own strengths. (I'm here to make you feel less nervous remember!)

Yes! In Module 2 we go over branding 101. You'll learn everything from how to set up your Instagram bio to create more leads for your business (or your speaking career) as well as ways to create more targeted engagement to grow your tribe. (Which will ultimately help you reach the goals.)

Yes! I will teach you exactly what to include and what NOT to include to make sure your application stands out from the crowd! I'll also teach you a ton of other ways to get speaking gigs that you probably haven't tried yet (and they work better than the application process). 

All great writers become public speakers for a reason. IT'S THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SELL THEIR BOOK. Yes, you'll learn everything you need to know to become confident selling from the stage, sharing your story, and tying it to your book.

You will have plenty of ideas while taking this course. You'll also receive a bonus download with 50 speaking topics to help you get started.

Your story WILL inspire others. Plain and simple. I say this with the utmost confidence and I'll teach you how to tell your story in a way that blows the audience off their feet (or should I say chairs! Standing ovation anyone?)

Nope! This program is for entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors and content creators to learn how to grow their business and brand through speaking. The content is focused on using speaking as a vehicle to increase your impact and income so whether that’s through direct payment as a speaker or speaking to sell your products and services, this course will teach the strategy for both!

Yes! In the program I teach my speaker fee strategy so you’ll know exactly when to charge, when to speak for free, and how to negotiate a speaker fee.

Yes and don’t worry,  you’re definitely not alone! We have a full module on the mindset of speaking which helps students gain the courage and confidence to speak across all platforms including social media, on camera, and on virtual and in-person stages.

Definitely! Branding and incorporating your story into speaking that then leads people back to your desired action is super important to finding success as a speaker. We have a full module on this! 

This is the most common question I get so I made a full module focused on getting booked! From where to look for gigs, how to pitch them, to even tracking gigs, we’ll cover it all in Speak to Elevate.

Yes! We have a whole module focused on working with you to write a captivating speech around your core message and your business products and services. We will help you discover your core transformation message through our proprietary X-Factor Story©ï¸, Sticky Sandwich, and P.S. formulas.

Yes! We will have 4 live group coaching sessions throughout the 8-weeks for you can attend and ask your questions directly to Alexa for support and guidance. The schedule of live sessions will be available to view as soon as you register for the course.


Choose The Speak to Elevate Plan That's Right For You

Four monthly payments

$299 USD


one-time payment of

$997 USD


Consumer Testimonials. As with any business-related program, your results using Speak to Elevate may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Speak to Elevate is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these past students agree.


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