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Are you a speaker who wants to monetize your speaking engagements? Or a business owner who wants to grow your revenue by presenting on stage?


If so, you need to know how to sell from the stage effectively. Selling from the stage can be a powerful way to generate leads, build relationships, and make sales. But it's not easy to do it well. It takes practice, skill, and a solid strategy.

Most Business Owners and Coaches understand the power of getting in front of their ideal audience but...

Most fail to turn that audience into paying customers on the spot.
They share valuable stories, impactful lessons and all the right things to build their personal brand but don't always see that story converting to people handing over their credit card to buy from them right then and there!I was that coach and business owner. I thought I had to only focus on making a difference in order to grow my business. After years I finally discovered the proven formula on how to use your impactful story to drive sales... without ever really selling.
I hated saying "and now I'd like to share my offer" or "Please visit my table after the event to buy my program". Those old school techniques don't work anymore, people need to feel connected to you and your story in order for them to purchase from you.

Introducing: The Stage Selling Mastery

The Step-By-Step Program For Crafting and Sharing Your Story

In A Way That Connects And Converts Your Audience Into Your Programs (Without Feeling Pushy And Inauthentic)

"I've seen the power of selling from the stage firsthand. When you have a captive audience, eager to learn and be inspired, it's your duty to present your offer with passion, conviction, and unwavering belief. Selling from the stage is not just about making sales, but about transforming lives and making a lasting impact."

– Grant Cardone

What You'll Learn:

Discover the hidden strategies, unleash the powerful techniques, and experience the profound mindset shifts necessary to sell from the stage with unwavering confidence and finesse.

Crafting a Compelling Message

Learn how to create a powerful, persuasive presentation that resonates with your audience and drives them to take action.

Mastering Persuasive Techniques

Discover proven techniques to influence and persuade your audience, from storytelling and emotional appeals to using compelling statistics and evidence.

Building Trust and Credibility

Understand how to establish yourself as an authority figure, build trust with your audience, and overcome objections effectively.

Designing Irresistible Offers

Create compelling offers that align with your audience's needs, address their pain points, and leave them eager to buy.

Sell Through Storytelling

Develop the skills and strategy to sell anything from the stage, without ever feeling sales-y and remaining true to your core message and values.

Maximizing Your Sales

Discover proven strategies for maximizing your sales conversions and increasing your revenue through effective follow-ups and post-event strategies.

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Picture this...

Envision a future where you radiate unwavering confidence as you share your captivating story on webinars, live streams, or in-person presentations. The audience hangs on your every word, captivated by your authenticity, and eagerly asks to join your program.

Now, imagine the incredible satisfaction of having your conversion story perfectly crafted. With every podcast interview, live appearance, or presentation, you effortlessly captivate your audience with a compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impact.

The confidence you exude not only elevates your own spirit but also becomes a catalyst, empowering your audience to embrace their own confidence through your inspiring presence.

Feel the power of this transformation –

where your personal journey becomes a beacon of hope and possibility. Step into this extraordinary reality and unleash your potential to uplift, inspire, and create meaningful connections that last a lifetime. The time to embrace your story and share it with the world is now.

It's Time For You To Discover The Stage Selling Mastery Formula To

Turn Your Story Into Sales.




"In sales, it's not about convincing people, but about connecting with them on a human level. And storytelling is the most authentic and compelling way to create that connection and drive sales." 

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial Entrepreneur and Author

Finally, Who Am I and Why Should You Learn From Me?




I’m a professional speaker, bestselling author, content creator for Global 500 companies, and Founder & CEO of Women Empower X, WEX Press & Speak to Elevate.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 14 years, always with a mission to make a difference in at least one person's life a day. When I founded Women Empower X, I had a $0 marketing budget and had to figure out a way to rise above the noise to promote my business.

The more I spoke on different stages and platforms (virtually and in-person), the more my business and sales grew! (Not to mention the growth of my personal brand, credibility, and social following!)

I started seeing the power of using your story and authentic voice as a marketing vehicle to create an unforgettable brand. Today, I made it my mission to elevate diverse voices to help them grow their dreams, share their story, and create the life they desire.


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your stage presence and boost your sales.

Join for only just $297 $49!

Click the button below to enroll and start your journey toward sales success.



Don't miss this opportunity to transform your stage presence and boost your sales.

Join for only just $297 $49!

Click the button below to enroll and start your journey toward sales success.