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Alexa is an in-demand speaker, creator, & coach empowering leaders to gain the courage, confidence, and energy needed to elevate their business & brand.  

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Hi, I'm Alexa!

I'm on a mission to help people feel empowered to take bigger action in their personal life and professional career so they can find success, freedom, and fulfillment along the journey.

I've been an entrepreneur since I'm 17 years old and I've encountered a number of obstacles that almost stopped me from pursuing my dreams and goals. From struggling with self-doubt to a near-death experience and chronic autoimmune disease, it was challenging to find the strength to go on. 

What I've learned is that you don't have to overcome all of your obstacles to achieve success, but instead work to turn those obstacles into opportunities. 

Today, I'm focused on helping people do well (really well) by going good. Find financial success, fulfillment, and energy while making a difference creating a life you desire, regardless of the challenges.

It's all possible by learning how to share your authentic story with the world, and that's what I'm here to help you achieve.

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