Inspiration only goes so far, it must be followed by empowered action...

Alexa delivers an unforgettable and profound message to audiences of all sizes that not only leaves them feeling inspired, but empowers them to take action beyond the event to create real change in their organization, community, and personal life.


Hi, I'm Alexa!

For the past six years, I’ve been using my voice to create a lasting impact in the lives of thousands. I have had the honor of working with the world’s leading brands and universities to create real change. I believe you are only one speech away from reaching your goals, that’s why everything I do is intentional, thoughtful and customized to the objectives of your event or company goals.

So, if you’re looking for someone energizing, captivating and unforgettable on the topic of empowerment, you just found her. 

Whether you’re trying to empower 10,000 sales representatives, 1,000 creators, or 10 marketing executives, I will not only inspire your audience to be confident to take action, but I’ll also teach them how through powerful and authentic storytelling. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.

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"I invited Alexa to speak at our Small Business Week roundtable, where we discussed small businesses' challenges. As a small business owner, she has learned how to create successful businesses by following her passions and overcoming obstacles. Alexa always brings great energy, a people-first point of view, and is very collaborative. She was incredible to work with, and we have enjoyed having her as a partner and look forward to continuing to work with her to bring her insights and thoughts to help small businesses."

- Jason Redmond, Head of Mobile Marketing B2B

Taco Bell

“Alexa’s powerful message left our Live Más Scholarship students in awe of her journey, yet empowered and inspired enough to create their own. She was just as fun and engaging as she was raw and authentic which allowed our students to not only connect to her, but also to each other. We are grateful for her time and words of wisdom and hope future audiences find her insight just as impactful as we did.”

- Jen Walker, Senior Manager, Taco Bell Foundation

Southern Homes Sales Team

Alexa has the perfect combination of energy, enthusiasm, and a little “kick in the ass”. The connection our team felt to Alexa was not like any we’ve experienced. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, she leads you by example with an outstanding life story, and refreshing, authentic ways to transform your life to be constructively positive."

-Kaitlin Patrick, Sales Manager

COX Business


- Kristin Taylor, Senior Manager Business Integration

Delray Beach Mayor

“Alexa was in a word: amazing. Her message addressing inequality touched on themes of empowerment, positivity and gratitude. At such a young age, Alexa is already a national figure hosting national conferences and speaking to major corporations. She electrified and inspired the crowd. It was amazing to experience.”

-Jeff Perlman, Former Delray Beach Mayor

PS27 Ventures

“Alexa is a phenomenal speaker and motivational leader. She was fully transparent about her life’s challenges and very clear about how she used them as touchstones to a better life. What I liked most was how Alexa moved the dialogue from a high level down to a very practical, tactical action level for the attendees. The Women left the session with real “things to do today” in their work and personal lives. Alexa knows how to empower women (and Men) to feel they hit another gear of productivity and happiness. Hope to have her back again soon.”

-Jim Stallings, CEO

York College of PA

“Alexa was a presence that captured my student's attention from the moment she began her program. She is easily relatable and paints a picture of success that is attainable for anyone willing to put the effort into reaching their goals. She was very approachable and easy to talk to and our Panhellenic community was grateful for the time they spent with her."

- Alexis Bonamassa, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Greek Life and Student Leadership

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