Over the years, I've had the opportunity and privilege to inspire and empower thousands of people at over 100 events across the country. I love speaking to both large and small groups- whether you're a business, conference, high school, corporation or college, I'd love to see how I can best serve you.


Alexa Carlin is a sought after speaker on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship and personal growth. She combines her authentic speaking style with practical strategies and memorable stories to drive impactful change on both a personal and professional level.

Genuine by nature, caring at heart: Alexa’s passionate yet entertaining style and message speaks to all ages at their own level, helping them understand the true potential they hold.

Her stories connect. Her lessons inspire. Best of all- Alexa’s words stick. 



  • Entrepreneurship

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Personal Growth

  • Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs


  • Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

  • The Confidence Spectrum

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Explode Your Impact And Income Through Public Speaking

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My name is Michael Dunlap, a senior at the University of Missouri- St. Louis. Our Women’s Leadership Institute recently brought in Alexa Carlin as our keynote and I wanted to share a few words about the experience.

Interacting with keynote speakers can be kind of strange. You know they are there because they are an expert in something or they have some kind of story to tell. But nonetheless, Keynote speakers are strangers and the audience is simply supposed to accept and trust everything they say.

Alexa was different. She engaged with the audience in a way that we could all connect to, and I appreciated that. I appreciated that Alexa allowed herself to be vulnerable so that her audience could relate to her so that we could truly understand her story and its importance. She let us know that she cared for each of us and we cared for her right back. She earned our trust. Alexa wasn’t just another speaker that came and went, she was a friend and ally that encouraged all of us to reach out and stay connected- and followed through by being responsive.

Alexa’s keynote was truly an experience I won’t forget, she is truly an inspiration- a self-made success who has made it her mission to help any and everyone she can to better their lives. She let us know and made us believe that we can all be successful and as I come into my own, I plan to follow Alexa’s example. Find success for myself and then spend my life helping others do the same.

Thank you, Alexa!
— Michael Dunlap, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Tri Sigma seeks to empower women to change the world, so when we were looking for an opening keynote address for our Recruitment Summit, Alexa was a perfect fit. She set the tone for the leadership weekend by inspiring the women in attendance to recognize the power of personal confidence. She made true connections with the students and received only positive feedback.
— Katelyn Whitty, Director of Growth Initiatives, Sigma Sigma Sigma

It was an absolute pleasure to have Alexa serve as the keynote speaker for the University of Missouri- St. Louis 2019 Women’s Leadership Institute. Her passion for the topic was amazing and our student participants only have had wonderful things to say about their experience with her during the keynote address. Speaking as a staff member for the University of Missouri- St. Louis, she was a pleasure to work with! Her professionalism throughout her entire visit to our campus was highly appreciated, and I look forward to the opportunity to have Alexa back to campus as a guest speaker for more of our leadership conferences.
— Xavier Blackwell, Office of Student Involvement , University of Missouri-St. Louis
Alexa did an amazing job speaking at our Women in the Workplace Luncheon. We had a room full of college students of all classifications and professionals from across the state and in a variety of different fields. Alexa was able to relate to all of them through her story and share an inspirational message. She shared a clear plan of how we can improve our confidence and achieve our goals to seek out leadership opportunities. Several attendees took the time to tell me how much they enjoyed hearing Alexa speak and how her message connected with them. Working with Alexa was definitely a positive experience!
— Aubrey Holt, Assistant Dean for Campus Life, Arkansas Tech University
We’ve had several speakers come to our campus, but Alexa has been one of the most inspirational speakers to date. By sharing her story and integrating it with an action plan, she was able to make connections with our students that will undoubtedly last a long time. Her keynote was engaging and provided individuals with a rewarding experience, knowledge, and much reflection as they continue their journeys. The students and staff have provided us with nothing but positive feedback.
— Le Bailey, Director of Student Involvement, Eastern Oregon University
Alexa Carlin was the keynote speaker at our Female Founders Forum on International Women’s Day this year. She was a phenomenal speaker and motivational leader. She was fully transparent about he life’s challenges and very clear about how she used them as touchstones to a better life. What I liked most was how Alexa moved the dialogue from a high level down to a very practical, tactical action level for the attendees. The Women left the session with real “things to do today” in their work and personal lives. Alexa knows how to empower Women (and Men) to feel they hit another gear of productivity and happiness. Hope to have he back again soon.
— Jim Stallings, CEO, PS27 Ventures
The student body greatly enjoyed Alexa Carlin’s talk. They filed into the room apprehensive and unsure but by the end of the talk left feeling motivated, inspired, and confident. Students had nothing put praise for Alexa and were excited to meet her and get in touch on social media. Her story of trials, tribulations and triumphs proved to students that they can accomplish their wildest dreams and that no goal is out of reach!
— Kellie Nostrant, Eastern Oregon University
“Alexa was in a word: amazing. Her message addressing inequality touched on themes of empowerment, positivity and gratitude. At age 26, Alexa is already a national figure hosting national conferences and speaking to major corporations. She electrified and inspired the crowd. It was amazing to experience.”
— Jeff Perlman, Former Del Ray Beach Mayor
Alexa was our keynote speaker for a leadership conference on campus, and the students left her session feeling inspired and empowered. It was amazing to hear her story and to hear the takeaways that our students left with.
Alexa has the perfect combination of energy, enthusiasm, and a little “kick in the ass”. Her challenging perspective brings you back to reality: you control your mindset, and your mindset decides whether you reach your full potential. The connection our team felt to Alexa was not like any we’ve experienced. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, she leads you by example with an outstanding life story, and refreshing, authentic ways to transform your life to be constructively positive.
“Alexa’s powerful message left our Live Más Scholarship students in awe of her journey, yet empowered and inspired enough to create their own. She was just as fun and engaging as she was raw and authentic which allowed our students to not only connect to her, but also to each other. We are grateful for her time and words of wisdom and hope future audiences find her insight just as impactful as we did.”
Alexa was such a joy to work with. She really wanted to know about the students on our campus so she could speak to them and their experiences. She has such an inspirational story and engages the audience from the moment she starts talking. Alexa’s talk, “The Road to Self-Love” was the perfect message for our campus. And Alexa is an amazing example of a young entrepreneur that demonstrates that anything in life is possible.
Alexa is mindful and also professional to work with.She supplied excellent information and facts around being an entrepreneur and also gave very helpful insight into the desired mind-set. She’s a pleasure to work together with - cooperative, responsive and genuine. I am hoping we will work together again, thank you so much for your kindness, wisdom, and generosity. I strongly recommend Alexa.
— Neil Ball, The Entrepreneur Way
Alexa is passionate, driven, organized and a force to be reckoned with! It was such a pleasure working with Alexa and getting to know her through out the journey. If you are looking for a keynote speaker that will connect with your audience and motivate them, Alexa is your girl! As a keynote speaker and entrepreneur myself, I can say with confidence that Alexa is driven and an inspiration to all of her peers.
“Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for sharing your story and the tips you gave me on public speaking. I really was in tune with your talk and you did an incredible job! I learned so much! Also, congratulations on all of your well-earned accomplishments! I hope to be an accomplished public speaker like you one day.”
“Alexa was absolutely incredible. She was able to connect with our students on a level they understood and show them the importance of Greek life and the lifelong benefits that it provides. Throughout her speech, students were super engaged and hanging onto every word. As an event planner, seeing the audience so enthusiastic and engaged in the conversation made me very excited to have brought Alexa to our campus.”
Where would I be without the Impact of Alexa’s January 2016 CreativeMornings Talk? I honestly do not know... While that moment has served as my “Ah-Ha” Moment, the insight, support, and friendship that Alexa has Empowered me with since then has served as one of the greatest Influences in my life. I am forever Grateful for the impact Alexa has had on me Personally & Professionally and am humbled to be able to support her and her WEX Movement.


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